Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Recommends Leavenworth to Fall Travelers

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go wants travelers to enjoy the fall season.

Enjoy the fall season in Leavenworth for perfect seasonal beauty.

When you are looking for the perfect vacation spot to enjoy fall fun this year, you have a number of amazing destinations to choose from. However, Jeanette Bunn knows that for family travel, there are many destinations that are desired for their ability to perfectly fit the feeling of fall. These may have beautiful settings, fall activities, or other offerings to take advantage of that will perfectly fit the family’s needs.

If you and your family are looking for a perfect fall spot, a family trip to the majestic tourist town of Leavenworth, Washington is highly recommended. Located in the spectacular Cascade Mountains, this amazing destination is modeled after a Bavarian village. Those who want to experience some European culture right in the USA should know that Leavenworth is full of old German charm, delicious food, and incredible activities. There are many tours that include activities like wine tasting for the parents and visit to a fun and unique nut cracker museum that everyone can enjoy together. Additionally, travelers are often fascinated by the Tudor Revival architecture that surrounds the town.

Travelers can stay in one of the many Bed and Breakfast hotels and can enjoy fresh coffee on the balcony with a view of the towering mountains. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts will love to escape to the nearby Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Additionally, for those who want some serious fall fun, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go says that the town of Leavenworth loves throwing festivals. There are an incredible 22 yearly festivals in Leavenworth. These include food, dance, cultural, and snow festivals. Leavenworth has earned its reputation as one of the most exciting tourist towns in Washington State.

Enjoy Maui Shared by Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President

Hawaii is on of the world’s most beautiful and fantastic destinations

Hawaii is on of the world’s most beautiful and fantastic destinations

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President recommends the beautiful paradise Lahaina. Lahaina is located in Hawaii’s breathtaking Maui. Before Hawaii became a state, Lahaina served as the royal capital and the center of all political and social functions. Lahaina was also an important destination for whaling fleets in the 19th century.

Modern day Lahaina is a major tourist destination and is culturally and historically one of the most popular destinations in Hawaii. The climate there is nice and warm, like the rest of the islands. Also, the people in Lahaina are well known for their gracious hospitality and warm attitude. Overall, the sights and sounds of Lahaina make it a wonderful destination for a romantic getaway or a family adventure.

Start your tour with a visit to the Baldwin Home Museum, located on Front Street. The buildings of immense importance to the local history and culture. Another excellent place to get a glimpse of local history is the Bailey House Museum, which served as a training school for young Hawaiian girls. The museum is home to numerous pictures that portray life here in the 19th century. No visit to Lahaina will be complete without a visit to a sugar museum and one such place is the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President invites you to visit the city during one of its many festivals. Halloween is one, drawing around 30,000 people annually. If you want to experience the local cuisine or dance the night away, then you can choose from a wide range of restaurants and nightclubs located on Front.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Loves The Alluring Tourist Attractions Of Chicago City

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Loves The Alluring Tourist Attractions Of Chicago City

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go Loves The Alluring Tourist Attractions Of Chicago City

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go believes there is no better way for a holiday than spending time in Chicago as it is the most happening city of America. This city is a perfect blend of culture, tradition and modernity. Endowed with loads of tourist attractions Chicago has certainly become a crowd puller.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go encourages the philosophical and intelligent tourist interested in the history of Chicago to visit the Greek Town, home of the Greek American community. There they get to learn a lot about its cultural traditions. While the art loving tourist enjoy the trip to Chicago Art District and its Gold Coast Historic District which are full of interesting stories from the past and tell glorious tales about how Chicago was built up.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go  also recommend families with children to enjoy a day at the Brooklyn Zoo where they can see unusual species of animals from Pandas to Dolphins living in the most unique and bio diverse regions. This zoo is home to about 450 species of animals and it sure is fun and entertaining. Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go knows that Chicago has a lot more to offer than its stunning architecture as it is a gamut of entertainment.

Tourists can enjoy a panoramic view from its famous Hancock’s Centre. Which is an observatory that offers educational fun for all, people can enjoy its Skywalk which is an open air viewing area. The Shedds’s Aquarium is a must see sight of Chicago as it is a man-made Caribbean Reef that is built in a 90 thousand gallon circular tank and filled with the most amazing species of Sting Rays, Sea turtles and Tropical Fish.

Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go suggests tourist to plan their vacation to Chicago this very minute but they should also be aware that the city of Chicago is not the perfect place if you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation. As this city is of dreamers who are always on the move and love to be part of the most happening moments of Chicago.

Great Family Car Games for Road Trips from Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go

When you are getting ready to take a vacation, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President knows that you have a variety of choices ahead of you including where to go and how to get there. For many, road trips are an appealing travel choice. For families, they can help save money and allow the group to have some extra freedom and bonding time. If you are planning on taking a road trip, you want to make sure that you have means of enjoying the time that it will take to get to your destination. Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go President says that one of the best ways for families to pass time in the car is playing travel games, and suggests the following for your next family road trip.

  • Name that Tune: Music is often a highlight of a road trip, but you do not need to only rely on the radio or a MP3 playlist, you can make you own music too. Pick categories for each round and have one person hum or whistle a tune while the others try to guess what the song is. It can be fun to see what each person in the car comes up with.
  • 20 Questions: This one is an old favorite. Have each person come up with an item or person and have the others in the car ask them yes or no questions until they guess the mystery item. This can be a fun game to play with kids because they can be very imaginative with their mystery items and their questions. It will no doubt lead to fun and laughs for the whole group.
  • Road Trip Bingo: Before you hit the road, make up some bingo board with common road trip items filling up each square. Items like road signs, trains, animals, and landmarks can all be included on the board. Hand out the boards and encourage kids to keep an eye out for the items so that they can mark them off as they go.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Wishes Travelers Great Vacations this Summer

The summer is already here and Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go is excited for travelers enjoying their vacations. No matter the location, a summer vacation is a special time to take a break from the concerns of everyday life and have the opportunity to relax away from home. There is a vast world of places to choose from and each one has something to offer. Whether going on a road trip around a state, traveling within the country, or going international, summer vacation is a special time for all travelers.

Whether ready to travel or at the planning stages, vacationers can enjoy a summer worth of opportunities. Many popular destinations are maximized during the summer season to accommodate travelers around the world, offer special services, and have the chance to connect with other travelers.

For any trip, Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go recommends taking the time to do research in order to not only learn more about a particular destination, but also find ways to save by comparing rates. The internet is one of the greatest tools for vacation planning. It provides quick and easy access to information about locations and the numbers of services offered in particular areas. No longer do travelers have to be in the dark about the many details of vacation planning. By also obtaining information, it is possible to discover more about a vacation destination and get greater enjoyment out of it.

This summer, travelers are sure to have amazing vacations around the world that will help create wonderful memories to share for years.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Showcases The History of Alcatraz Island

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Showcases The History of Alcatraz Island

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Showcases The History of Alcatraz Island

Visitors to the San Francisco area should definitely take a ferry to head out to nearby Alcatraz Island. Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go shares that for those who don’t know, this area was once Known famously as a federal prison, and that Alcatraz is an amazing site to see. Visitors can go on a tour to learn more about the history of the area, including what life was like in the prison and even get the opportunity to see the inside of a cell. This is one of the most popular sites for those traveling to San Francisco, and serves as a unique example of American culture.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Discusses Steps to be Safe on Vacation

During any vacation, travelers will expect to be safe in order to enjoy time away from home. Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go recognizes that this can be accomplished through measures taken by the individual traveler. The first step to being safe on vacation is knowledge. Any place that has not been visited before should be researched prior to arrival. This is easy to accomplish thanks to the plethora of travel guides covering all areas of the world along with the internet. Often, there will be information that is pertinent to a specific area. This is extremely useful for the travel to help ensure greater safety through knowledge.

Another important tip for safety on vacation is to inform family members and loved ones back home whenever plans are being altered, such as decided to visit another place on the spot. Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go believes it is important to know of the latest whereabouts of a travel in the event that contact needs to be made. Along those lines, it is best to have at least one travel companion when going to geographically unknown places that are sparsely populated. Otherwise, it could be easier to get lost.

Ultimately, being safe on vacation starts with the individual traveler. Being knowledgeable and carry out smart practices to ensure greater safety will make a vacation more relaxing so that it can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Shares Summer Trip Packing Tips

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go, a leading provider of luxury vacation accommodations along with stellar amenities and a focus on providing the best in customer services, knows that when it comes to planning any vacation, one of the most frustrating parts of the experience is dealing with all the extra baggage. For those who spend a lot of time in airports around the globe, nothing is worse than dealing with too many bags to carry or lugging heavy suitcases from one destination to the next. It’s important to find a balance, and using these easy tips and tricks will help.

  1. Stick with the must-haves: Although it might seem that 10 outfits are necessary to bring for all the different places you will visit, find ways to scale back on the clothes since this is something that will take up a lot of extra room, advises the experts at Travel To Go. Also, consider rolling clothes up instead of folding to save even more space. Remember, you can always do laundry on the road if necessary. Pack versatile outfits (alternate the same pants or skirt with different tops, etc.)
  2. Make use of amenities: Try using the toiletries that the hotel offers and just bring along a tooth brush and toothpaste to save space. If this doesn’t work, bring small travel sizes to save space (and also because some items might not pass through the strict TSA liquid rules.
  3. Go Digital: Instead of carrying along a guidebook, newspaper, magazine and paperback book (which probably adds 10 pounds to your bag) make use of your smart phone or invest in a Kindle.Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go knows that by following these 3 easy tips, packing for your vacation has never been easier.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Highlights Corpus Christi, Texas

Sandy beaches, white sand, and the sounds of waves are the things you will encounter while walking freely on the beaches in Corpus Christi, Texas. Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go associates know that families, friends and children can enjoy fun in the sun at Whitecap Beach, Natural Beach or McGee Beach. Corpus Christi has over ten beaches for travelers to enjoy.

There are an array of things to enjoy, from the nightlife to fine dining, to entertainment and performing arts. According to Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go, a couple of the must see attractions are The Texas State Aquarium and the U.S.S. Lexington. The U.S.S. Lexington is a famous navy aircraft from World War II. The ship features a 3D IMAX theatre and an awesome flight simulator.

Corpus Christi is famous for their delicious seafood, 100% Angus Beef Steak and yummy Mexican cuisine. For a night cap, adults may want to enjoy one of the several night clubs, either one of the comedy clubs or many karaoke bars, there is a lot to choose from.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members are sure that tourists will gain a new life experience visiting this great city of Texas. Corpus Christi is full of culture and rich history and it has several different adventures to fit everyone’s tastes. The kids can enjoy Hurricane Alley Waterpark or experience the sport of Kiteboarding. Instead of flying your kite, you will be able to experience what it is like to ride a kite much like a surf board. Kiteboarding is a cool, new venture that is exciting and safe. After that experience, you can go back and tell your friends what a wonderful time you had surfing on a kite.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go Visit The Top Attractions Of Puerto Vallarta

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members are in awe of the wonderful buffet of activities, adventures and excursions that Puerto Vallarta is ready to offer. Ranging from diving excursions, boat cruises and tropical fun there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy and have fun in this tropical paradise.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go vacationers state Puerto Vallarta to be another one of México’s liveliest holiday destination, second to Riveria Nayarit as there is no other place to enjoy a restful and relaxing holiday experience under the warm tropical sun.

With a heavenly backdrop of lush green vegetation Puerto Vallarta is wrapped around the sparkling waters of the Bay of Flags. Attracting millions of visitors each year, offering incredible sunny beaches, charming cobblestoned streets filled with trendy boutiques, shops and excellent fine dining options at its stylish restaurants.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go members know that the natural beauty and the wonderful attractions in Puerto Vallarta are really spectacular. The adventure lovers simply love the thrilling activities that they get to enjoy in this tropical paradise. Booking in canopy excursions, enjoying a thrilling zip lining adventure or make way to its beaches to surf in its high waves is the perfect way to enjoy and have fun.

For a unique cultural experience Travel To Go suggests tourists to visit Old Town Vallarta and enjoy its classical and traditional sights and sounds and an n evening walk in its Malecon area dazzles the tourist with its sunset views. With the setting of the sun Puerto Vallarta becomes alive, providing fabulous entertainment, sizzling discos and lively beach parties to the party goers. Puerto Vallarta is ready to offer it all no matter what your age and style is.Tourists who simply love to relax and people watch should head for Puerto Vallarta’s famous beachside Playa De Los Muertos.

Jeanette Bunn Travel To Go travelers find this to be the hot spot location to have fun and enjoy, eating at its mouthwatering restaurants and enjoying its sizzling nightlife from sunset to sunrise. The food loving tourists should not forget to miss out on its Gourmet Dining Festival as it is a feast both for their eyes and taste buds.